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ComputerInBoxWe want to make our clients happy. That’s all. It’s a nice idea isn’t it? But at Circle Moves, we are different because we go the extra mile to ensure that your office moves are carried out to your total satisfaction. We get it right first time, every time.

How do we do it? We believe it is down to communication. We work hard to understand what you need and more importantly when you need it. We take the time to build relationships with our clients, to understand your business, so we can do the best job for each and every client.


Desktop IT Relocation

Our trained operatives will work with the in house IT team and/ or Move Manager to decommission, relocate and recommission each piece of desktop IT equipment, ensuring it is set up as before, tested and fully functional.

Server Relocation

For larger scale relocation projects our IT lead will work closely with the in house team to identify an appropriate, secure method of relocation. We have access to specialist equipment to protect this vital piece of equipment and ensure any down time is minimized.

Printer Relocation

For large multi component, high volume copiers/ printers we have specialist engineers who are able to advise on and decommission and recommission these complex pieces of equipment.

IT Equipment Spring Clean

With many people spending most of their working day, including meal times at their desks, IT equipment can become clogged with crumbs and germs. We can thoroughly clean your pc and telecoms equipment, getting rid of 99% of germs. Effective cleaning can increase the performance of your IT equipment and improves the working environment for your team. We can even add it to your move programme so your team come back to a squeaky clean desk.

Cable Management

Circle Moves can provide a full cable management solution to ensure the desk space is safe and hazard free after a move.

IT Asset Auditing

Our team can provide a full asset audit, providing the in house team with up to date and accurate records, all as part of our standard service.

Move Management

Our experience extends beyond carrying out IT moves; we can help you manage the whole move process, from space planning to internal communications and even staff welcome parties!

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We are responsive

As a small company with a flexible workforce we are able to respond quickly to requests for engineers.

Unlike our larger competitors who are tied up in red tape, we are simply a phone call or an email away from helping you carry out your move.

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Cost Effective Solutions

Our clients often come to us via their in house IT team. In businesses the desire to use the in house team can be cost-driven but using Pure IT Moves can be much more cost effective and far less stressful!

Our prices are competitive and we offer discount structures to benefit our long term and large scale clients.

Experienced & Qualified Staff

We know that IT and telecoms equipment are some of the most expensive assets within your office environment. Your move needs people who understand the equipment, how delicate it can be and how important it is to the smooth running of your business.

Each move will be led by one of our experienced team leaders, who will manage on site resource in line with your requirements. Our team members are carefully recruited and fully trained to carry out IT Moves and asset management. Our team members wear uniform at all times so they are easily identifiable. They also follow a strict code of conduct which ensures they act professionally and to the high standards you can expect.

item-2Keeping it Green!

We can help you to meet your corporate sustainability targets when you move your IT. We have helped previous clients to recycle their disused IT and Telecoms equipment through local and national charities. We can go further than that.

We work with sustainability consultants to help support the “greening” measures they are undertaking as part of office relocation and renovations and we are happy to share our knowledge with you!


Assured & Insured

With the average work PC costing £1000+ and the office printer/ scanner/ work horse costing anywhere from £200 - £25,000; you need to know that your equipment is protected at all times. We have commercially acceptable insurance levels, above those of many other providers. When assessing a job we will never ignore risk, instead we come up with a tailored solution for you that negates the risk and is acceptable to all parties.

Our focus on insurance goes beyond any commercial offering. We want to insure that our clients will be happy with our work; we do this by following our in-house quality assurance process which includes client satisfaction surveys. Many of the individual quality processes are based on ISO 9001:2008 standards and as our business grows we will work to achieve full accreditation.