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Case Study 1

Circle Moves were called upon by a national removals company to support their relocation of a prestigious Insurance Company’s Disaster Recovery Centre within Central London over a single weekend.

THE CHALLENGE. A complex and highly secure centre of over 1200 PC’s mostly consisting of double PC and triple monitor set ups connected using KVM switches, this was a high economic worth move where allowing business as usual operations to continue unhindered was vital. Our team moved 100 units at a time due to the requirement to keep a certain number of machines operational because of the nature of the centre.

THE SOLUTION. The Circle Moves team was split into two units covering decommissioning and asset logging at the original site and another at the new site to recommission and undertake extensive cable management. This phasing ensured the operation could be completed within the tight timescales the client required.

THE BENEFIT. The project was completed on time, despite the logistical issues of transporting through central London, and we exceeded client expectations. We are pleased to be regularly requested, through our removals company colleagues, to work on their wider estate moves.


Case Study 2

Circle Moves provided IT Engineers to work within the move team of an Office Relocation company, to deliver a nationwide relocation programme.

THE CHALLENGE. Circle were called upon to provide IT support to project ‘Workwise’. This was part of a nationwide project to make all available desks useable to all staff. Starting in Bristol, the main challenge for the project was the planning and organisation of the IT moves, that coincided with a refurbishment of 2 of their major sites in Bristol and also closures of the smaller, outlying offices. This brought time restrictions to our work due to having to work around other contractors (desk builders / decorators / carpet fitters).

THE SOLUTION. We provided a flexible working solution to the removal company, liaising with their move manager and the other contractors to identify the smartest way of working, and delivering on time to keep the wider programme on track.

THE BENEFIT. By working closely with the project team we delivered on time, allowing the end client’s in house IT team more time to complete their systems testing than they had expected. A great result for everyone involved.


Case Study 3

Having been let down by their removals provider Circle Moves were called in to help recover business functionality for a business in Northampton.

THE CHALLENGE. The client contacted Circle Moves on Monday morning, having arrived into the office following a weekend office move to find that the move had been carried out to a poor standard and their staff were unable to work.

THE SOLUTION. Circle Moves sent a director and support team straight to site. We assessed the situation, devised a plan of action which we agreed with the client and got to work, all before lunch! Following the original plans we were able to get the move back on track and re-commission the affected equipment.

THE BENEFIT. All the staff returned on Tuesday morning able to work. The client was delighted that our team worked late into the night to ensure Business As Usual for the next day.


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